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Big Hero 6 website now updated with character profiles

holy shit where’d rapunzel go whoa

They did it

They heard all your bitching and fucking changed it

Wasabi looks like he’d give really nice hugs. Like, strong and protective, but comfy.

It was the same heartbreak.


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Goodbye Stranger Reverse!Verse Part I (x)

Dashcon Legality


Hey online friends, you may be tired about me talking about DashCon, but wait! There’s more!

So let’s go over the part that everyone knows super quick: I would definitely recommend that the con-goers to DashCon take collective legal action, not only for the $17,000 scam, but for the IndieGoGo prizes that were never sent. All the screenshots and disappointed con-goer witnesses definitely gives you a case.

And now for the part that is not so well known - as a company intern for legal documents, I’ve learned with experience what a company needs to operate in any one state. If you look at DashCon’s Legal Page you will see that they go by DashCon LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) and originate in Ohio. So I checked it out - and in Ohio, that is a real company. 

So what’s the problem?

The convention that they have organized and made money from is being hosted in Illinois. Separate state means separate rules, filings, legal processes, everything. (And fun fact, filing in Illinois is superhard because they are rightfully meticulous.) So I checked out Illinois, and they aren’t filed there. If it were a convention in the sense that no money was being made for the DashCon organizers themselves, this wouldn’t be a problem. But they are making money - this isn’t a publicity convention, it’s what the entire company was made for in the first place.


And this concerns me not only for the DashCon organizers themselves - because at this point I mean it’s the least of their problems - but the fact that tumblr users with products sell their things at this con means that the legal field is now very grey for them - as their transactions aren’t being covered by the broad spectrum that comes with attending a legally organized con.

It’s a huge mess - and anything that goes on under the umbrella that is DashCon is technically a grey area.

sometimes i just draw random characters that come to my mind