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cosmic space galaxy star print sweatshirt, ▲Zulamimi-Land▲ on Etsy.

The bullets now say “Sorry. Wrong way to die.”,
quoting the master.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! 


Things Cats Do That Would Be Creepy If You Did Them 

me: *does weird things when home alone*
me: I bet there's hidden cameras


A kiss for luck and we’re on our way
     (We’ve only begun)

for awhile now ive been thinking of changing hazels identity back to genderfluid. i now have a better grasp on them and i liked the thought of it, yet it would change a few things about hazel

cause boy hazel is a bit more spunky and daring

while female hazel is the momma

idk  kwleufhlweuifwe

i love my baby but her original design is jabbing me in the side with a sword telling me to use it again


So the first 2 pics are what Coop’s Party Clothes USED to look like cause Rayne, well, she’ll dress Coop all fancy or sexy whenever the chance rises up.

Also I didn’t mean to become attached to it, but after drawing that dance one, I kinda like it and I’m thinking he’d only wear it when he goes out and about with Rayne. Cause those pants? Leather, my friends. Including that shirt.

Last 2 pics are just of Coop wearing shirts that aren’t his. At times he can’t find his own lounge around shirts so he just takes from his team, but they don’t care. They think it’s adorable that all their shit is WAY too baggy on him.

of course Coop can borrow any of Hazel’s shirts, since most of them are male and female :>




Cuando cambian el estilo de dibujo del anime